Had a dream just now that Macklemore was named TIME magazine’s Most Muggable Musician and he showed up at an interview to accept the award and they mugged him

What’s the point of mugging someone who only has $20 in their pocket

$20 can get you many peanuts

explain how

Money can be exchanged for goods and services


Untitled, 2013
Acrylic on paper


Untitled, 2013

Acrylic on paper

[Comment From starwarsfan013]: what are your favorite books?
andrew_garfield: starwarsfan, i love catcher in the rye, amazing adventures of kavalier and clay. i am reading a book by elia kazan right now, which is great.
[Comment From Alice]: Gosh, Andrew, we have similar taste in books
andrew_garfield: alice, cool, maybe we should meet and get married
Jesse_Eisenberg: i also like those books!




I can’t promise I’ll keep this up.


Brave women are the life blood. Of. Everything.

sexual assault can turn even the strongest people into their weakest states, but do not see only the surface. do NOT see only the tears. see someone who was affected, and be there for them when they need it. morgan is incredibly brave for posting this. and she is one of the strongest, bravest, and kindest people i know. do not skip over this video. it’s an important one.

Last year, when One Direction released “One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks),” a combination Blondie/Undertones cover they recorded for charity, the Guardian’s Adam Boult was prompted to start a list of songs that “must never be covered.” Never mind that 1D’s medley got a seal of approval from Blondie’s Debbie Harry herself; Mr. Boult said it was an “abomination” that somehow “tarnished” the original versions. So it’s not about the gender of the artist doing the cover—it’s about the gender (and age) of their fans. Think about it: Young, poppy acts, have largely young, female fan bases. I believe the reason rockist dudes feel so dang uncomfortable watching these artists cover songs by bands they love is that it points out that they might have something in common with fans of Miley, Lorde, 1D, etc. They might actually have something in common with teenage girls. And what could be worse than that?

Here’s what I want to tell these people: You could do a lot worse than sharing a teenage girl’s taste in music. The pantheon of acts who couldn’t have gotten famous without the support of teenage girls includes a lot of people and bands you probably respect a lot: Michael Jackson. Elvis Presley. The fricking BEATLES. When Nirvana were around, most of their fans weren’t 50-year-old rock critics; they were kids.

give me a job


SPIDER-GWEN by Cameron Stewart